2023 Scour Assessments

Client: City of Fountain

The City contacted Basis to perform scour assessments after large storm events in the summer of 2023. Basis was able to provide an immediate response to verify the safety of the bridges as well as a full assessment of storm-related damage, which enabled the City to pursue and secure funding for repairs.

The bridge inspection team at Basis has experience responding to bridge-related emergencies. The storm events in 2023 produced substantial flows that caused bridge issues around Colorado.

Our team worked closely with the City of Fountain to provide an initial inspection to determine whether bridges were safe for vehicular traffic after the rain events. In addition to immediate response, the Basis team delivered a full assessment of the storm damage once the water receded, complete with recommendations for repairs.

After securing funding to repair the damage at the bridges, the City hired the Basis Drainage Design Team, through a competitive process, to design repairs at the bridges.