2C Road Improvements

Client: City of Colorado Springs

Basis is the prime consultant contracted with the City of Colorado Springs. Our Construction Management team and subcontracted partners are providing engineering, inspection, and materials testing services on this transformative City-wide street rehabilitation program.

2C is a transformative City of Colorado Springs roadway improvement program that annually completes over $50M of asphalt resurfacing, concrete flatwork repairs, and federally mandated curb ramp retrofit and installations funded by a dedicated local sales-tax through 2025. In a typical year, this significant program constructs over 1,200 curb ramps, 40,000 cubic yards (CY) of flatwork concrete, and 200+ lane-miles of asphalt resurfacing across the City.

Full Spectrum of Construction Management Services

Basis is the prime engineering consultant for 2C responsible for engineering, asset inspection, construction inspection, and materials testing oversight. Our engineers and inspectors support the City ahead of construction activity with asset inspections for curb ramp compliance, pavement assessments, and subsurface stormwater facilities using our unmanned pipe rover camera system. Asset inspection and reporting information is populated directly into the City’s asset management platform by our team. During construction, Basis field inspectors oversee quality, field coordination, materials testing, and contract pay item measurements for 10+ prime contractors within the concrete and asphalt programs. The 2C program generates a tremendous amount of documentation that is stored and organized on our secure cloud document control platform, providing the City access to assessment reports, inspector diaries, construction photos, and pay item measurement forms at any time. Due to the overwhelming success of the City and all its partners, the 2C program received an American Public Works Association (APWA) project award in Administration for Large Projects in 2020.

Project Highlights:
  • Construction Engineering and Inspection
  • Estimating and Procurement Assistance
  • Pay Item Measurement and Payment
  • PROWAG Curb Ramp Inspection and Assessment
  • Measurement and Payment Details
  • Stormwater Asset Inspection
  • Unmanned Pipe Rover Camera Video
  • Field and Laboratory Materials Testing Oversight
  • Pavement Assessment
  • Unmanned Aerial Imagery
  • City Division Communication and Coordination
  • Document Control and Organization
  • Compliance Audit Support
  • Contract Administration