Pueblo county ada curb ramps

Basis provided full-time construction administration and inspection for this crucial project that replaced and upgraded nearly 300 curb ramps in Pueblo.

This Colorado Department of Transportation (Region 2) project constructed curb ramp retrofits and replacements across Pueblo along Lincoln St (SH96), Thatcher Ave (SH96), Elizabeth St, US50, Santa Fe Dr (US50 Business), Northern Ave (SH78), SH47, and Pueblo Blvd (SH45). Our Basis team members provided construction management services ensuring compliance with CDOT’s stringent standards and documentation protocols. Total construction cost amounted to $2.2M.

What our Client Says

“The Basis team was always one step ahead and kept the project on track even when challenges arose. I look forward to working with Basis on future CDOT projects and would highly recommend their services to others seeking a team who can deliver construction management services at a high level of accountability and communication.”

-CDOT Project Engineer

Project Highlights:

  • CDOT Construction Administration
  • Construction Management and Inspection
  • Concrete Flatwork
  • PROWAG Curb Ramps
  • Quality Assurance
  • Field Engineering

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