Bridge Inspection

A complete approach to ensuring longevity of your structural assets.
The members of the Basis Bridge Inspection Team have decades of experience inspecting various structure types across the country. Our team utilizes emerging technologies to be more efficient in the field and to collect better data for our clients. The knowledge our team has of the construction market helps us provide the most accurate cost estimate information and most constructible solutions with our maintenance recommendations.

We marry our inspection abilities with our program and asset management expertise to give the best short term and long-term options to effectively manage bridge assets. Combined our team has over three decades of experience managing local and state assets and we use this knowledge to inform the guidance we provide our clients. It is paramount that we maximize the extent our recommendations improve the condition and safety of the structures our clients manage.

Services Provided

  • Bridge, Wall and Ancillary Structure Inspection
  • Asset and Program Management
  • Remaining Service life Analysis
  • Hydraulic Evaluation of Bridges
  • Owner’s Engineer/Technical Advisor
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Bridge Design
  • Emergency Response to Structural and Flooding Issues
  • Construction Phase Services

Bridge Inspection Projects