Construction Management

Skilled professionals ensuring the success of your project.
Our trained team of construction managers, project engineers, and inspectors are experienced with all types of transportation and water resource infrastructure projects for public agencies. We leverage the depth and diversity of our team to deliver efficient services providing our clients confidence their project is being constructed safely and compliant with contract documents. Our services are provided with resolute professionalism and accountability, impeccable documentation, and effective communication resulting in tangible value added to each project.

Infrastructure projects bring ample challenges in and of themselves. Our goal is to make our clients’ job simpler by streamlining contracting, assigning appropriate resources, and not charging superfluous expenses. We simplify agreements by incorporating all essential equipment costs, including vehicles, into our competitive labor rates, eliminating unnecessary tracking and negotiation. Additionally, due to size and capability of our team, we perfectly match the needs of scopes, budgets, and schedules by flexing and scaling project staffing to ensure quality and safety requirements are met, without over burdening budgets.

Our skilled team implements the latest technology and tools including georeferenced construction plans, tablet devices, customized forms, and photograph cataloging automation. Specialized equipment includes our cellular enabled vehicle fleet, pipe rover camera, digital measuring devices, and aerial drone operated by licensed and insured pilots. All documentation is delivered and stored digitally in our secure enterprise cloud database that allows our clients anytime access to documents and full transparency of services.

Services Provided

  • Construction Engineering and Inspection
  • Owner’s Representative Services
  • CDOT Construction Project Administration
  • CDOT Local Agency Project Compliance
  • Bidding and Procurement Support
  • Schedule Review and Analysis
  • ADA/PROWAG Assessment and Compliance
  • Utility Coordination
  • Constructability and Phasing Design

Construction Management Projects